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SME IPO means a sure shot way to unlocking value of an enterprise.SME IPO means a dependable way to raise growth capital.All SME at some time require substantial capital to grow and SME IPO is the best way to doso.SME IPO means building trust of your Suppliers, Clients,Employees.SME IPO Means following all the SOP's in the Business.  

What does SME IPO Means ?

SME  IPO means listing of an SME IPO on a junior exchange. BSESME and NSE Emerge are the two prominent exchange exchanges in this space. SME Exchange like BSESME and NSE EMRGE are trading platform dedicated especially for the trading of shares of small and medium enterprises.


SME Listing provides an exclusive privilege to securities in the sme exchange. Only listed shares are quoted on the sme exchange. Sme exchange facilitates transparency in transactions of listed securities in perfect equality and competitive conditions. SME Listing is beneficial to the company, to the investor, and to the public at large.

SME IPO Eligibility

SME IPO Eligibility in India is a crucial factor that determines whether a company can go public through the SME exchange. The SME IPO eligibility criteria are designed to evaluate the company's financial performance, stability, and credibility. A company must meet these criteria to ensure that it is financially sound and has a good track record of business operations. The four key SME IPO eligibility criteria are profitability, net worth, minimum issue size, and the company's track record.

In conclusion, the SME IPO eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that only credible and viable businesses are allowed to go public through the SME exchange. By meeting these criteria, a company can gain access to the benefits of public market listing and successfully raise funds through an SME IPO.


SME IPO size can be typically as low as INR 2Cr and can go upto INR 100Cr- .( Off course depends on the SME IPO Criteria and  SME Listing Norms of the SME Exchange )

Migration from BSE SME and NSE Emerge EXCHANGE LISTING Platform to the Main Board ( Post  SME IPO )

It is mandatory for the company to be listed and traded on the  SME Exchange for a minimum period of two years and then they can migrate to the Main Board as per the guidelines specified by SEBI .

SME IPO Listing Process

Sme ipo listing procedure is governed by national laws. Subject to documentation, the SME ipo listing process takes three to four months. The appointment of numerous agencies, including Merchant Banker, Registrar, Underwriter, and other related small agencies, is necessary for the sme ipo listing process. The Owner's involvement in the SME Listing procedure is crucial. If the owners don't act quickly, the sme ipo listing process can often be delayed. Additionally, SME ipo Consultant can assist you in coordinating with various agencies throughout the process of sme ipo listing.

SME IPO means Branding of the Company-

    SME IPO Means flashing the Capabilities of the Company and contemporaneously imprinting of the company to attract Investors.

SME IPO means Confidence of guests-

    SME IPO means confidence of guests about capabilities of the company to execute the order or to supply goods.

SME IPO means confidence of workers-

    SME IPO means confidence to workers about the Company and provocation to perform better and which results in lower attrition of the Employees.

SME IPO means confidence of suppliers-

    SME IPO means a comfort to the suppliers about processes followed by company and eventually getting the payments on time.

SME IPO means occasion to get import orders-

    SME IPO means getting the Overseas Orders from the guests. Overseas client believes listed companies than unrecorded companies.

SME IPO means occasion to ameliorate credit standing-

    SME IPO means confidence to the Credit Rating Agency as Financial Ratios improves post table.

BSESME  Listing Criteria AND NSEEMERGE Listing Criteria



To list on the BSE SME platform, organizations should meet specific BSE SME listing criteria. These criteria have been laid out to guarantee that main excellent organizations with great potential for development and supportability are recorded.

The BSE SME listing criteria incorporate having a base settled up capital of Rs. 10 million, a total assets of essentially Rs. 30 million, and a base three-year history of tasks. The organization should likewise have a positive total assets in the three going before years and not have any forthcoming prosecution against it.

Notwithstanding the above criteria, an organization trying to list on the BSE SME platform should consent to the listing prerequisites indicated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the BSE. The SEBI directs the listing system of organizations in India, and it has laid out rules and rules for SMEs trying to open up to the world. These rules incorporate arrangements connected with revelation prerequisites, least open shareholding, and corporate administration standards


  1. Promoter shall be in the same Business for atleat 3 years before applying for NSE Sme IPO.

  2. Minimum 20% of Equity should be hold be Promoter post NSE Sme IPO.

  3. Out of Three Years Company msu have Must have made distributable Profits for Two Years to be become eligible for NSE sme IPO.

Above are Basic SME IPO criteria to get listed on BSE SME and NSE Emerge listing Platform .The BSE SME IPO and NSE Emerge SME IPO Listing Requirements at the time of  applying to Stock Exchange will apply.

Questions before going for SME IPO

1) What will be the Valuation of My Company for SME IPO?

2) Who will guide me to calculate the Fair Valuation of my Company before going for SME IPO?

3) Who will guide me on the SME IPO Advantages ?

4) Is it the right Time to go for SME IPO ?

5) I would like to calculate my Eligibility Criteria for SME IPO ? 

​6) Can I raise funds through SME IPO ?

7) How much time SME IPO listing Process takes ?

8) Cost for SME IPO Listing

Why Do You Need an SME IPO Consultant?

Going public with an IPO is a complex and challenging process, especially for SMEs that may not have the necessary experience and expertise. An SME IPO consultant, also known as an IPO consultant, can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire process, from evaluating the company's eligibility for an IPO to preparing the necessary documentation and managing the IPO itself.

An IPO consultant is an expert in the field of IPOs and is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to help SMEs navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure a successful IPO. They have a deep understanding of the various requirements for an IPO, including financial reporting and disclosure obligations, and can help SMEs prepare the necessary documentation to meet these requirements.

With the help of an experienced SME IPO consultant, SMEs can save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. An IPO consultant can also help SMEs develop a strong marketing strategy and build investor confidence, increasing the chances of a successful IPO.

The expertise and guidance of an SME IPO consultant can make a significant difference in the success of an IPO. By working with an IPO consultant, SMEs can navigate the complexities of the IPO process with confidence and achieve their growth and expansion goals. With their extensive knowledge of the IPO process, an IPO consultant can provide SMEs with invaluable advice and support, from the initial planning stages to the final stages of the IPO.

IPO consultants in Pune, IPO consultants in Mumbai, IPO consultants in Chennai and IPO consultants in India are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to help SMEs for listing.

In summary, an SME IPO consultant, also known as an IPO consultant, plays a crucial role in the success of an IPO. They provide SMEs with the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the complex IPO process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With the help of an IPO consultant, SMEs can achieve their growth and expansion goals and take their businesses to the next level.

Services Provided by Maxout Global

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IPO consultant in Aurangabad, IPO consultant in Bangalore, IPO consultant in Chennai, IPO consultant in Delhi, IPO consultant in Gangtok, IPO consultant in Hyderabad, IPO consultant in Indore, IPO consultant in Jaipur, IPO consultant in Jammu, IPO consultant in Kolkata, IPO consultant in Lucknow, IPO consultant in Mumbai, IPO consultant in Mysore, IPO consultant in Nagpur, IPO consultant in Pune, IPO consultant in Raipur, IPO consultant in Kochi, IPO consultant in Cuttack, IPO consultant in Thiruvananthapuram, IPO consultant in Madurai, IPO consultant in Coimbatore, IPO consultant in Guwahati, IPO consultant in Shimla, IPO consultant in Bhopal, IPO consultant in Calcutta, IPO consultant in Chandigarh, IPO consultant in Jamshedpur, IPO consultant in Ludhiana, IPO consultant in Mangalore, IPO consultant in Dharwad, IPO consultant in Visakhapatnam, IPO consultant in Bhubaneswar, IPO consultant in Goa, IPO consultant in Manali.

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